Select query in lambda in C#


Select query in lambda in C#

  1. Create a console application and create a customer class in it.
					public class Customer
        public int CustomerCode { get; set; }
        public string CustomerName { get; set; }
        public int TotalOrder { get; set; }

2. Create a list of customers in it.

					           var customerList = new List<Customer>()
                new Customer{CustomerCode=101,CustomerName = "Steve"},
                new Customer{CustomerCode=102,CustomerName = "Mark"},
                new Customer{CustomerCode=103,CustomerName = "Bill"},
                new Customer{CustomerCode=104,CustomerName = "Dell"}


3. Now with the help of Lambda expression, select the list of customer codes from the customerList

					var result = customerList.Select(a => a.CustomerCode).ToList();

3. Now in the “a” we will get all the codes in the customerList

4. Now we will loop through the customerList to get it printed

					        var result = customerList.Select(a => a.CustomerCode).ToList();
            result.ForEach(a => Console.WriteLine(a));

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